I am a sound engineer and an Arab musician and Qanoun performer based in Toronto, Canada and Cairo, Egypt. I am also an Associate Professor of Music Technology, and the Director of the Music Technology program at the American University in Cairo. With over 20 years experience in the music industry in Egypt and abroad, my portfolio is quite diverse and extends across a wide array of activities. However, my true passion lies in celebrating diversity through music, and in making Arab Music Turath more accessible around the world. That is why I founded dokanbach.com, which will be selling high-quality scores that I have written myself for popular Arab songs, mowashahat, lungas, and other forms of Arab Music.

Here’s How I Can Help!

Why contact me?

    • If you need a freelance performer
    • If you need a freelance sound engineer
    • If you need an instructor for Arab Music, Qanoun, Piano, or Music Technology
    • If you just need to speak to a music tech or Arab music expert
    • If you would like to Jam, and experiment with Arab Music!
  I would be happy to meet you!